The MassHire South Shore Career Center provides a variety of workshops and training opportunities throughout the year, which are held in our Plymouth and Quincy facilities, as well as offsite as designated.

Training funds (to pay for your training in part or in full) may be available to customers who are eligible. Please ask your Career Counselor for more information.

Examples of possible funded certificate training programs are Quincy College’s home health aide, biotechnology manufacturing, accounting, computer science-networking, which are all short-term certificate programs that can be completed in under a year.

Please click here for a current list of events held at one of our facilities.

Please click here for job training programs approved by the State.

Workshop Sign Up Procedure

Workshop Policies

All workshops begin on time. Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start of the program. Late customers will not be allowed to attend and their slot will be filled by a customer on stand-by. Stand-by status is not allowed for the Career Center Seminar.

To cancel a workshop, please call the career center at least one (1) day prior to the beginning of the workshop.

Job Search Workshops

Click on the workshop title to see the full workshop description.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of potential age-related biases and specific strategies to aid participants in developing a successful job search.

Workshop focuses on the process of networking and how to market yourself using your connections.

Participants will complete an assessment tool to explore changing a career or a new career path.

Learn the programs and opportunities at Massasoit College.  Work with navigators who will provide direct services through academic and career coaching, college transitional guidance, and referral services to MassHire South Shore Career Center customers pursuing post-secondary education at the community college.

Learn the various programs and opportunities at Quincy College.

Review difficult interview questions and learn how to market yourself effectively during the interview.

The proven interviewing system that works.  Bonding, rapport and non-verbal communication.  Up front contact and documented examples.

How to discover and match your skills set to the PAIN.  It’s OK to be not OK.  We have to think it over is just a slow no.

Essential elements for the interview.  How to answer the hard questions.  What does the RED look like?  The decision process.

Your brag book.  Proof that it works.  30-60-90 day business plan.  How to practice, practice, practice.

Identify fundamentals of résumé writing including formats, summaries and accomplishment statements.  Cover letters and other correspondence will also be discussed.

Learn how to negotiate your next salary and be prepared to negotiate when a job offer is presented.

Skill Enhancement Workshops

Job Search engine matches relevant transferable job opportunities for the job Seeker.  Class taught in a group setting and one-on-one.  Email account is required.

Guidance with HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) questions. HiSET is formerly known as GED.

Finances and Budgeting

Workshop will provide an understanding of your options with mortgages, savings plans, IRSs, 401K’s, 403b’s, and existing retirement plans.

Tips and advice on how to protect and grow your retirement plan.

Informational Programs and Workshops

Learn about the wide variety of services to help you with your job search.

Learn about the Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program for men and women in construction and transportation. The program provides 6 weeks of career exploration and hands-on exposure to the trades – electricians, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, and laborers.

Learn about Operation A.B.L.E.’s training programs, employment services, and the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). The SCSEP helps unemployed, income-eligible, mature workers re-enter the workforce.

Affiliated with the National Senior Corps. and sponsored locally by the Norfolk County Commissioners.  Learn about the program for 55+ who are interested in offering time volunteering with the elementary schools, food pantries and veterans.

Small Business Administration programs and services available to prospective or current entrepreneurs who need assistance starting or expanding a small business.

An opportunity to meet weekly among peers to network. Topics regarding job searching, career direction, unemployment challenges and job swapping will be the focus of discussion.

Computer Workshops

Covers the basics of computers, operating system, Internet basic navigation and information stored and accessed on computer.

Assist jobseeker with the process of applying online for positions and guidance with behavioral questions.  Prerequisites:  Computer skills, memory stick with résumé, cover letter and references saved.

Online learning tool for Microsoft Office and other software applications. Email is required.

  Create a LinkedIN account and become familiar with the largest professional online network.  An email account is required.

Prerequisite:  LinkedIN account.  Learn how to grow your network, search using keywords, names & companies.  Search for job opportunities.  Utilize messaging features. Participate in conversations and publish articles and updates.


MS Excel On-Line Tutorial

MS Word On-Line Tutorials