Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Programs

Federal Funds

WIOA programs support youth and young adults ages 14-24. The overarching goal of these programs is to ensure that low-income and disconnected youth are able to access critical education, training, and career development services so that they are able to enter the labor force and ultimately build economic self-sufficiency. “In-school” youth are those who are at risk of dropping out of school. “Out-of-school” youth are those who have dropped out already. Programs are run by area non-profit organizations or local school districts. Contracts are awarded based on a response to a SSWDB-released RFP.

Success is measured by the number of youth who achieve a high school diploma or equivalency certificate (HiSET) and engage in employment and/or enroll in post-secondary education or training.

We distribute funds so that our partners can provide educational and work readiness services to young people 14-21 years of age.

Some of our partners include:

  • Local school districts
  • Community-based and non-profit organizations
  • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Commonwealth Corporation
  • Department of Youth Services
  • Department of Children and Families

Connecting Activities

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (State Funds)

Connecting Activities is an initiative that is central to the Career and College Readiness goals set by the Commonwealth. Participating high school youth engage in career exploration, work readiness and job search activities and are guided towards placement in unpaid and paid work opportunities supported through the use of the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan.

YouthWorks Subsidized Employment Programs

Commonwealth Corporation (State Funds)

YouthWorks is a state-funded, subsidized employment program designed to provide paid employment and work readiness training to in-school and out-of-school low-income youth ages 14-21 who live in state targeted cities/towns. In addition to providing paid employment, the grant requires that 20% of the award be matched by employers and that 20% of slots are filled by youth with additional barriers to employment. These programs run during the summer and some years we receive allocations to hold year-round programs as well. During the year-round program priority for these slots are given to disconnected youth with barriers between the ages of 17-21.

Please click here to view a chart for a listing of our current programming.