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Workshops are a great way to boost your skills and your confidence while job searching!  Anyone can participate in our workshops – whether unemployed or employed seeking to change jobs.  All workshops except for Tuesday’s Walk-In Job Search Support Group are virtual (usually ZOOM).  You will need

  • Internet access
  • Email address
  • Computer with a camera, OR a smartphone, OR a tablet. Be sure the Zoom app is loaded onto your device.    

Start with the CCS (“Career Center Seminar”), and then move to other workshops, such as those listed below.  Dates and times of workshops are listed on JobQuest and on our calendar

These workshops are usually facilitated by Cheryl Alexis, a Human Resources professional with 25+ years of experience in HR.  Cheryl’s workshops are live, interactive and fun – and she welcomes your questions!

Best way to register is on JobQuest using your 8-digit jobseeker ID#.  Or call our front desk (617-745-4000). 


Walk-In Job Search Support Group

IN PERSON every Tuesday at 1:30 pm.  Get help with all technology aspects of your job search.  Boost your computer skills and learn how to use Microsoft Office, JobQuest, upload resumes, and other tech issues.  Bring your laptop, Chromebook, smartphone etc. for hands-on help. September schedule:


Jump Start Your Job Search

Every Thursday at 2:00 p.m.  Designed for jobseekers who have completed the CCS and are looking for first steps to get their job search off the ground.  Anyone whose job search has stalled is also welcome to attend.  Prerequisite: CCS (Career Center Seminar). 


Overcoming Age Discrimination & Other Barriers to Employment

Job searches are difficult, but they are even tougher when you face barriers like age discrimination, lack of required credentials, gaps in employment, etc.  Learn how to deal with and overcome these barriers in this interactive workshop.


Resumes That Get Interviews

Ever wonder why you never hear back after submitting a resume?  Have you submitted 100+ resumes and landed no interviews?  Learn what managers look for in resumes… and why they toss out most resumes they receive.  Learn exactly HOW to create and customize your resume.  See how Human Resources actually screens your resume.  


Cover Letters, Emails & Other Communications

You must communicate professionally during all aspects of your job search – cover letters, emails, text messages. See real-life examples of what to write and what to avoid. Learn how to put your best foot forward in all your communications with employers.  


Networking Fearlessly!

You know networking is the best way to find your next job – but how do you meet people? What do you say? What if you’re introverted? Join this VIRTUAL interactive workshop for networking tips & strategies. 


Nailing the Interview

Ace your next interview!  We’ll share frequent questions and answers; how to be prepared for behavioral interview questions; how to handle illegal questions; what to do if the manager is a bad interviewer; and what questions you MUST ask.    


Needs & Leads: Virtual Networking for Professionals

Join us for 1 hour of virtual networking!  Everyone will share their backgrounds; what jobs they’re looking for; what’s worked and what hasn’t; and information (job leads, contacts) for your fellow jobseekers.  You must have leads to share for jobs at the $60,000 annual salary level and up; must be looking for a professional-level job; and must be willing to have your camera on.  Limited to 10 people for maximum interaction.  You must send a current resume to Cheryl to be eligible to participate.   


Using LinkedIn & Social Media for Job Searches

Learn why social media should play a big role in your networking strategy.  See how to set up a LinkedIn profile; how to use LinkedIn to grow your network; and how to connect with people you don’t know.  We’ll also cover the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


Unique Challenges in Job Searches  (to be scheduled)

We’ll cover some of the most difficult aspects you may face in your job search, including:

  • Handling salary questions and how to negotiate for the salary you want
  • Changing careers – overcoming what seems impossible
  • Overcoming discouragement
  • Handling your finances


Entrepreneurship – Is It Right For You?  (to be scheduled)


Using Premier – Mastering Virtual Job Fairs (to be scheduled)


Technology Boot Camp (to be scheduled)

IN-PERSON.  Learn computer basics in a welcoming environment.  We’ll cover the basics of getting started with computers; how to get on Wi-Fi; using a mouse; navigating windows; how to print; and the basics of Google and Microsoft Office.  Boot Camp will run for 1 hour over 4 weeks – you must commit to attending every session, and you must commit to practicing in between sessions.